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Class of 2021

AlReem Alnaqbi

AlReem Alnaqbi graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi with a double major in Visual Arts and Mathematics. She is currently working as a social contributions’ analyst in the Department of Community Development in Abu Dhabi. She is passionate about storytelling through visual arts and product design. 


نيمتي is a lightweight, portable but luxurious stargazing sling chair that can be taken on desert trips or enjoyed in your own backyard. نيمتي was created with the purpose of bringing back the tradition of stargazing that is spread across many different cultures. With نيمتي you will be able to spend hours watching the stars in complete comfort and luxury.

Frame: powder coated aluminum pipes
Seat: camel leather
Stuffing: racron polyester synthetic cotton


+971 56 623 9444 

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