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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are the fee payments structured?
    If you are unable to pay the fees in full before the programme starts, please send an inquiry to and we will get back to you shortly.
  • What are the session timings?
    We aim to schedule sessions to suit working professionals; currently there will be two slots per week: Saturdays for 6 hours (10am – 1 pm and 2pm – 5pm) and midweek (Wednesday TBC) for 2 hours in the afternoon/evening. Exact timings are to be confirmed. Weeks 1 and 7 of the programme are intensive and might require more in person attendance for 6 hour workshops / for 2 hours in the evening 2–3 days on a weekend, timings to be confirmed closer to programme start date.
  • Can I know more about the topics and curriculum?
    The programme is hands on and practical in essence, the studio on Saturdays with the supervision and mentoring of the Director of Studies will look into how to develop a furniture piece ready for market from a concept, developing work in further detail, materials and fabrication techniques. The course will then focus on creating prototypes starting from low resolution towards a full scale working piece, and acquiring along the way important technical and presentations skills. Studio and practical work is supplemented and enhanced by a series of seminars that address the different areas of furniture design and making, locally, regionally and internationally, from theory and history, introductions to renowned designers and their journey, experience and development of character and style. The programme also aims to prepare participants with the entrepreneurial tools and skills required to launch a business and produce market ready pieces. For the programme structure and more details please refer to the booklet on the main page, you can also find it here.
  • Are the classes online?
    This programme requires your presence at MAKE Al Zeina in Abu Dhabi (Google link), and will be taught in person. Only selected seminars are delivered online and you will be informed which this applies to. Some midweek classes will typically be delivered online, and Saturday classes will require in person attendance. There will be off-site field visit(s) as part of the programme, more details will follow closer to the time. All classes will be delivered in compliance with official Covid guidelines at the time and as such are subject to change.
  • Is this a full-time or part-time programme?
    Contact hours are split over two main sessions, on Saturdays for 6 hours and midweek for 2 hours. Outside teaching hours you will need to work on the development of your furniture piece, at your own pace. Participants will receive complimentary membership to MAKE Al Zeina, and are encouraged to use the space to commit time to their projects at their own discretion.
  • Have you an additional question we haven’t answered above?
    Please contact us here and we’ll be happy to respond directly to your query as soon as we can.
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