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Appl. Requ.

Application Requirements

Application Requirements

To enroll in the Athath Fellowship we advise you to consider the following selection criteria before applying as places are limited. You will need:


  • To demonstrate a good level of creative skills (design, conceptual thinking, portfolio, theoretical).

  • Basic drawing, sketching, CAD 2D/3D skills are favourable.

  • Some relevant studies and/or experience in this area is desired.

  • Basic soft skills including communication, presentational skills, logical and analytical abilities.

  • Ability to attend all seminar and studio sessions in Abu Dhabi as per course schedule.

  • Must be over 18 years old.


Deadline for application is 18 July 2023 closing at midnight GST


Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview the last week of July 2023


Successful applicants will be notified by 27th July 2023

Application Process

After completing the application form:

Please send in an e-mail to, titled:


YOUR NAME in two parts / ATHATH Documents

Please insure to include the following required documents:

  • Recent personal photograph (format JPEG and PDF only, maximum files size is 2 MB).

  • Portfolio that demonstrates some of your best work samples to support your application to this programme. You can include photos, images, sketches and descriptive text to give us an impression of relevant projects or studies. Compile it all in a single PDF file, that includes a maximum of 10 pages and is at most 10 MB of size.


Make sure you use an e-mail ID that you always check and ensure that is a trusted address.

If in doubt, reach us at:

+971 56 3984492

Experience a hands-on and immersive learning journey where you'll actively participate and grow. While most of the course takes place in person, we've incorporated online modules to enhance your theoretical knowledge.

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